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Student Absences


1.     Contact Student Services on 8585 1703 – you will be asked to provide your son’s full name,

        year and reason for absence OR

2.     You may also text the school with full details on 0418 316 366.

3.     If you receive a text message stating your son is away, you can reply by text to that number. 

4.     You may also email Student Services in cases of absence or partial absence at


Protocol for Communication with Teachers


Pastoral or General Issues – Primary and Secondary


The first point of contact with the school is your son’s homeroom teacher for secondary students or your son’s classroom teacher for primary students.  These teachers see your son each school day and are charged with the responsibility of overseeing your son's everyday pastoral care.


Subject Specific Issues – Primary and Secondary


On matters that relate to a specific subject, in the first instance you should contact your son’s class teacher or subject teacher.  Consequently, speak with your son and find out the names of his homeroom and class/subject teachers.


Please understand that teachers are more than likely not able to come to the phone or to meet parents at the office without notice, as they may be engaged in teaching a class or attending meetings.  In these cases, arrangements can be made for your call to be returned, or for a time to meet.


Beyond Initial Contact


When matters cannot be resolved at the homeroom or classroom teacher level, teachers are usually well placed to refer you on to the relevant Coordinator.

  • Pastoral Coordinators deal with pastoral matters relating to your son’s pastoral/house group.

  • Subject/KLA Coordinators deal with subject specific issues.

  • The Assistant Principal – Primary, supervises Year 5 and 6 students and you may be directed to Mr Woodbury on matters such as curriculum, sport or pastoral needs.

  • The Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Mrs O’Brien and the Assistant Principal – Pedagogy, Mrs Bernadette Yates, supervise the Subject/KLA Coordinators team.   You may be directed to Mrs O’Brien with your son’s entries for RoSA or the Higher School Certificate or his subject choices.  For matters relating to teaching and learning, you will be directed to Mrs Yates.

  • The Assistant Principal - Pastoral, Mr Yates, supervises the Pastoral Coordinators team and you may be directed to Mr Yates on matters such as your son’s pastoral needs or welfare.




  • The Assistant Principal – Primary, Mr Woodbury, supervises Year 5 and 6 sport.

  • The MCC Sports Coordinator, Mr Mamo, can answer most questions relative to the school’s representative sporting programs.

  • The Internal Sports Coordinator, Mr Colagiuri, can answer most questions relative to the internal sports program and activities.


Choir and Band


Choir and Band are organised by Mr Ohl who can assist with enquiries.


Social Justice Programs


Secondary School Social Justice and outreach program are organised by Mr Kurt Bartelme, Justice and Peace Coordinator.  Primary Justice and Peace Programs are organised by Ms Ferrone.


Debating and Public Speaking


For information regarding Debating and Public Speaking competitions times, dates and other related information, please speak with the Coordinator, Mr McCallum.


Highly Sensitive or Private Matters


For highly sensitive or private matters relating to your son’s overall enrolment at the school, you may wish to speak to the Principal, Br Conn or Deputy Principal, Mr Chiment.


On other matters, our experienced and helpful office staff will accurately direct you to the relevant member of staff.  The contacts are:   


Phone 8585 1744, Fax 8585 1787 or email

General Enquiries

Phone: 8585 1744  |  Fax:  8585 1787

68-84 The Boulevarde, Lewisham NSW 2049

Private Mail Bag No 2, Petersham NSW 2049


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