Parents who wish their sons to be educated in this school and students themselves, are asked to read the following:



  • This is a Catholic school in which education in faith has a privileged place along with the pursuit of excellence in academic and general education.   All students take part in Religious Education programs, Masses and other prayer/liturgical celebrations.

  • Politeness and respect for others are an essential part of school life.

  • School authority extends from the time a student leaves home until he arrives home again.  While travelling, students are to be polite and well mannered and very conscious of the general public.

  • Any student who brings drugs, alcohol, weapons or any other illegal, dangerous or prohibited goods to school will be suspended pending review of his ongoing enrolment at Christian Brothers’ High School, Lewisham.

  • The school reserves the right to inspect student lockers, bags, desks, etc. if deemed necessary.  Illegal, dangerous and/or  prohibited goods will be confiscated.

  • Regular attendance at school and at all lessons is essential.   Students must be punctual.  All students are expected to pursue academic excellence by constant hard work and study.

  • The co-curricular activities of the school are a necessary part of the school’s program.  Students are enrolled on the  understanding that they join in sports, camps, excursions, prayer days, retreats and other activities  including debating,  public speaking, music and drama.  The aim of the school is to have ALL students involved.

  • Students who have the ability to represent the school in sport and other representative activities will do so cheerfully as way of building up school spirit and cooperation.   Attendance at training/practice is compulsory.

  • Full school uniform is to be worn as designated.   Hair cut/style will be in keeping with school regulations.   No visible jewellery – except for the wrist watch – is to be worn by the students.

  • Students will participate in fundraising activities as organised by the school.

  • Students will comply with the ICT Acceptable Use Policy as stated in the school diary.

  • Acceptance of school guidelines and discipline is an essential condition of enrolment.  A detention class for  major or repeated misdemeanours is conducted on Fridays after school and in extreme cases on a Saturday morning.   Prior notice is given to parents through the Pastoral Coordinator.

  • Privacy Legislation requirements will be adhered to.  The Christian Brothers’ Lewisham Privacy Statement can be found on the Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham website. In signing the Statement of Enrolment Understanding, parents are acknowledging that they have read and understand the Christian Brothers’ Lewisham Privacy Statement.


We have read and agree with the above conditions.

I addition, we agree to supply the school with all the relevant documents concerning my son's:

     (a) special needs

     (b) custody arrangements (if parents divorced or separated)

     (c) residential status (if not Australian citizen, visa/passport sightings are essential)

We will continue to keep the school informed of any changes to these arrangements.

We accept and will make full payment of the non-refundable Acceptance Fee and thence full payment of th Tuition Fees each year.


Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham is a school built on cooperation, commitment and integrity where all concerned (parents, staff and students) take an active role in the school and work together for the best possible education.

General Enquiries

Phone: 8585 1744  |  Fax:  8585 1787

68-84 The Boulevarde, Lewisham NSW 2049

Private Mail Bag No 2, Petersham NSW 2049


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