We will invoice you for the full amount due each year at the start of the year to enable our families the opportunity to work out what suits the family budget the best.


It is expected that payments are maintained between February and November with the balance being finalised in full by November.



Payment options are available


To make payments now, please visit our PAYMENTS page here.


The school allows families to choose a payment plan that best suits the family budget.


We allow families to choose between the following options:


  • Weekly payments (Divide the full fees by 40 payments)

  • Fortnightly payments (Divide the full fees by 20 payments)

  • Monthly payments (Divide the full fees by 10 payments)

  • Per Term (Pay the invoice by the due date each term)



The school is happy for you to setup regular Bpay (biller code: 192237) or Bpoint (biller code: 1348521) payments direct from your accounts.

Those families who receive Centrelink payments are able to complete a form and return it to your local Centrelink office requesting that they maintain the payments for you.

The school can also take the payments directly from your cheque, saving or credit card account. Please complete the authority form and return it to the fees office as early as possible to ensure the repayments are made on time.



If you require more information please contact the Accounts & Payroll Manager on 8585 1706 or via email here

Schedule of Fees |  2020



First Child

Tuition                                 $ 5235.00     

Building Levy                      $   660.00

TOTAL                                    $ 5895.00


Second Child

Tuition                                 $ 4581.00

Building Levy

TOTAL                                   $ 4581.00


Third Child

Tuition                                  $ 2617.00

Building Levy

TOTAL                                    $ 2617.00



First Child

Tuition                        $ 6735.00     

Building Levy              $   660.00

TOTAL                            $ 7395.00

Second Child

Tuition                        $ 5893.00

Building Levy

TOTAL                          $ 5893.00

Third Child

Tuition                        $ 3368.00

Building Levy

TOTAL                          $ 3368.00

Additional items that may appear on your invoice:

  • Year 5 & 7         -$1,000.00 (New Students - credit from acceptance fee paid).

  • Year 6 Camp      $    390.00

  • Year 9 Rubicon  $    330.00

  • Year 11 Retreat $    330.00

Enrolment Fee, Enrolment Testing and Camp

From 1st January, 2017, the acceptance fee for either Year 5 or Year 7 new students will comprise two parts to the non-refundable acceptance fee:


  • $750.00 – payment for orientation camp, educational testing and      administration;  and


  • $1,000.00 – payment towards above tuition fees for first year of enrolment


A total of $1,750.00 non-refundable acceptance fee.

General Enquiries

Phone: 8585 1744  |  Fax:  8585 1787

68-84 The Boulevarde, Lewisham NSW 2049

Private Mail Bag No 2, Petersham NSW 2049


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