House System

The House System is seen as a vertically integrated method of bringing to the attention of students, teachers and parents, an increased awareness of their part in the history of the school; their connectedness with significant role models from our long and inspiring history; their active and integral part in the life of the school, as well as their responsibilities and connectedness not only to their immediate peer group but also to those older and younger members of the school community. 


All students enrolling at CBHS Lewisham will be placed into their house upon enrolment.  They will remain a member of this house for the entire duration of their education at the school.  Staff will also be designated a house on employment and every attempt will be made to keep the staff member in that house for the duration of their time at CBHS Lewisham.  Having staff in the same house will facilitate a better level of awareness of a house/family type environment and will enhance positive relationships between staff and students within each house.


Each of the eight houses constitutes the primary group for sporting and cultural activities as well as providing a student focus for pastoral care and student welfare programs.


In fostering house identity and spirit it is hoped that this will:


  • transform into more positive contribution to the school spirit and tone

  • encourage increased participation in the academic programs as well as the wide range of activities, both within and outside the school.

  • allow students to achieve their potential

  • allow for increased and more effective communication of routines, expectations and delivery of achievements throughout the school

  • foster leadership through active delegation of responsibility within the house

  • assist in the resolution of conflict and distress that occurs when boys interact with fellow students, staff, parents and other members of the community during their process of maturation

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Brady House | Br Maurice Quentin Brady (1921 -2005) 


"To Do and To Teach" is the motto associated with the Christian Brothers. This motto is also applicable in every way to Br Brady. Br Brady entered the Christian Brothers in 1936. After teaching all over the country, he settled back in NSW at CBHS Lewisham in 1970. He became Principal of the school in 1973.


Br Brady can be described as a Builder, Administrator, Counsellor and most of all, a teacher. During his thirteen years at Lewisham, Br Brady lived up to all of these titles, accomplishing much during his stay.  Br Brady was known to all as "Brady the Builder", and he was a "builder" in every sense of the word. He managed the renovations and building of some eight buildings including the Science Block and Library complex.


Br Brady´s presence at Lewisham was felt by all in the community through his everlasting love, kindness, care and compassion which he shared with everyone he came across. His legacy is still felt through the Brady House, which sports the colours Royal Blue and Sky Blue, and the Brady Building which encompasses the Cricket Nets, TAS Department and Art Rooms.


Crest:                Brady House is represented by the colour Royal Blue and the secondary colour of Sky Blue

Motto:               Strength through Integrity (Vires per Interitas)

Totem:              Blue Tongue Lizard – Adaptable.  Calm.  Mysterious.  The Blue Tongue is a thinker, he is chilled out in nature, but has a strong spirit.



Pastoral Care


Brady House Prayer


Father almighty,

We come to you humbly, seeking guidance,

inspiration and motivation.

We pray that on the days when we feel like giving in,

we can look to you for strength.

We ask that you give us the foresight, patience

and perseverance to succeed.

We pray that you may help us to work together

in constant unity to overcome our obstacles.

We pray that we conduct ourselves with honesty,

integrity and fairness at all times.

We pray that we will rise to meet every challenge

and will never shy away from the competition.

This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ.



Gallagher House | Br Michael Basil Galagher (1910 -2003)


Br Gallagher entered the Christian Brothers at the age of 16 in 1926. He taught in many schools over three states. He came to Lewisham in 1961 and was the Principal during 1966 and 1967.  He was instrumental in the renovation of the Doody Building, needed to suit the growing needs of the school Community.


Br Gallagher was known for his love of science and was considered a man before his time in the teaching of his discipline.  He was President of the NSW Science Teachers’ Association.  He was also awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.


The “Gallagher Yard”, “Gallagher Building” and “Gallagher House” are named after Br Gallagher, in honour of the significant impact he had on the CBHS Lewisham community.


The Gallagher House sports the colours of Gold and Royal Blue.


Crest:               Gallagher House is represented by the colour Gold and the secondary colour of Royal Blue.

Motto:              Where there is Unity, there is Victory

                         (Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria)

Totem:             The Goanna – Fast.  Agile.  Mythical.  The goanna is found basking in the sun, looking over his tribe.  Able to scale trees in seconds when                                troubled.

Gallagher House Prayer


Almighty God

We give you the Gallagher House.

We give you all the teachers and staff who work here,

We give you all the children who study here.

We pray our House will be a place of great discovery, adventure and creativity.

May it be a place where we love to learn and where we learn to love.

A place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued.

Make strong in our hearts that which unites us,

Build bridges across all that divides us.

United make us rejoice in our diversity.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Healy House | Br Richard Baptist Healy (1914 -1995)



Br Healy entered the novitiate in 1929 and taught at Lewisham for twenty-five years, this final six as Superior Headmaster. He was regarded as a brilliant teacher and under the tutelage of Br Wynne taught across many subject areas including Honours Latin, English and French. During his time at Lewisham Br Healy was also awarded a PhD and due to his love of literature was transferred to Rome in 1978 to edit the Educational Record.


Most often referred to as 'Bap' or affectionately as 'Caesar', he was measured but always willing to share his strong opinions. The standards in his classroom were consistently high, driving his pupils, Victor Chang among them, to excel.


Despite this, the welfare of his students was of key concern and Br Healy was often noted for the strong ties he maintained with family and friends. He was remarkable by any standards despite being a determinedly ordinary man and his dedication to all things scholastic;  particularly the history of the Australian Christian Brothers was widely acknowledged.


It was perhaps the unshakable values underlying Br Healy's hard-working and cheerful life that were his crowning achievement. To his pupils, his well-founded and firm approach to learning was an influence that did not dim over the years and is something the Healy House will hold close.


Crest:            Healy House is represented by the colour White with the secondary colour of Black.

Motto:           Honour, Pride, Brotherhood (Veneratio, Superbia, Fraternitatis)

Totem:          The Echidna – Smart.  Protective of young.  Confusing when rolled up in a ball; scary when challenged. 

                      He is elegant and belongs to the earth.

Healy House Prayer


United as a Healy House, we come together to thank You, Lord,

For those who have occupied this space before us

And the values they have bestowed upon us.

We acknowledge:

The traditional custodians of this land, whose spirits continue to guide us,

Our Blessed Edmund Rice for his vision,

And Brother Richard Healy for the path he has set us on.

We pray, O Lord that we honour and learn from the past.

United as a House, we pray for the wellbeing of all members of Our Healy Family.

We pray that in our Global community:

All hearts may be open to love and compassion,

All minds are open to teaching and learning,

And all mouths open to speak for those without a voice.

We pray, O Lord that we uphold our sense of brotherhood.

United as a Healy House, we promise to journey forward with:

Knowledge and awareness of the issues facing our world,

The determination to make a difference

And the strength to overcome any obstacles we may face.

We pray, O Lord that through our actions we may continue to maintain pride

in ourselves, trust in each other and faith in You.  Amen.



Kearney House | Br James Anselm Kearney (1888 - 1964)


Br Kearney was a man who exemplified the ideals of Edmund Ignatius Rice. At the age of 16 he had an acute awareness of his own faith and compassion and decided to dedicate his life to the work of the Christian Brothers and trained in Ireland as a novice.


By the age of 23, Br Kearney arrived in Australia and continued his teaching mission. Often described as a ‘gentleman, saint and scholar’ Br Kearney was able to mould the lives of those around him. His profound knowledge of English literature, especially the works of Shakespeare, enabled him to inspire all who he made contact with.


While Principal of Lewisham (1922-1924), he combined his love of language and music and composed the school song - Conanti Corona. It is this song that will forever remain in the hearts and minds of all who call themselves a Lewisham Old Boy.


Br Kearney now rests in the Brothers’ private cemetery in Bundoora, Melbourne. He will not only be remembered as a scholar, an artist and as a man of great musical talent, but as a humble man, a charitable man and a man of deep religious spirit.


Crest:               Kearney House is represented by the colour Black with the secondary colour of White.

Motto:              Spirit and Strength through Knowledge (Spiritus Vires Scientia)

Totem:             The Shark – Fast.  A big force. Moves with ease, speed and elegance.  Large, but graceful, he is very much a protector of his tribe.

Kearney House Prayer


Thank you for giving me
a mind that can know
and a heart that can love.

Pour into my spirit the ability to serve graciously,

to walk humbly,

to act honourably and

to live compassionately.




Magee House | Br Bernard Felix Magee (1865 - 1942)


Br Magee was born in Ireland and came to Australia at age 14. As a young man Felix was lean, energetic, and skilled at handball and Rugby. Felix was feared on the Rugby pitch for his blistering speed and agile nature.


As a teacher and school leader his kind and humble nature coupled with his profound scholarship and retentive memory made him a hit amongst students, as he remembered their names and family situations. Although a strict disciplinarian, Felix was well respected and was seen as an important cog in the pastoral care and maturation of the young men in his care.


Felix was an avid wine drinker and even made his own wine in the later years on his life. His musical talent laid in the piano and he would often sing songs with the students in his care and other guests. Felix held positions as a teacher and school superior in many Australian schools and also in New Zealand. He also spent time on the Provincial Council.  Br Magee was Principal at Lewisham from 1907 to 1909.


Bernard Felix Magee packed a lot of living into the 78 years of his life, sometimes doing things that a man half his age would find challenging. Felix Magee is an inspiration to the men of his House.


Crest:               Magee House is represented by the colour Purple and the secondary colour of White.

Motto:              Courage, Knowledge, Potential (Fortidudo, Scientia, Potentia)

Totem:             The Fish (cod) – Fast.  Adaptable.  A quiet achiever.  There are many and they vary.  The fish represents and acknowledges family.

Magee House Prayer


Oh my God, I adore you and I love you with all my heart.

I thank you for having created me,

having saved me by your grace,

and for having preserved me during the night.


I offer you all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day.

Grant that they may be all according to your will

and for your greater glory.

Keep me from all sin and evil,

and may your grace be with me always

and with those I love.



O'Neill House | Br James Kevin O'Neill (1886 - 1959)


Br O'Neill was a powerfully built and active man. Thoroughness was his great characteristic:  he aimed at perfection in all he did. He had a talent for organisation and management of affairs.


Whilst Br O'Neill was Prinicpal at Leiwsham, the current Chapel and Administration Building were completed. Br O'Neill had great pride and success in what he had accomplished here at Lewisham. Br O'Neill was a diligent administrator and teacher with an eye for detail.


During his life some of his largest appointments as Head Superior and Principal were at Ballarat, Nudgee, Waverley and Lewisham. Br O'Neill had the virtues of loyalty and sincerity. He passed away while in retirement and is buried in the Nudgee Cemetery.


O'Neill House colours are Orange and Black.


Crest:               O’Neill House is represented by the colour Orange with the secondary colour of Blue.

Motto:              With God as Guide, Seek the Best (Deo Duce Quaere Optima)

Totem:             The Crocodile – Strong.  Agile.  Fast.  The crocodile takes his time and waits, he is patient and adaptable; territorial and protective.

O'Neill House Prayer


O Lord, give us, the vision to see

the path you have set before us.

Grant us the courage to follow your way.

That through the gifts and

talents you have given us,

we can bring your life and

your love to others.

We ask this through Jesus,

your Son and our Brother.



Treacy House | Br Patrick Ambrose Treacy (1834-1912)


Br Treacy was the founder of the Christian Brothers in Australasia and was educated at the Christian Brothers' School in his native town, Thurles, Tipperary in Ireland.


Br Treacy was aged only 34 when he was appointed to lead the group which reached Melbourne in 1868.  In 1871, Br Treacy opened the house and school in Victoria Parade as well as arranging for many openings throughout Australia.


In 1900, he was elected assistant to the Superior General and returned to Australia in 1910.

Br Treacy was known as a kind and sympathetic man. He was an accomplished violinist and enlivened social gatherings with his talents.


Br Treacy was a great defender of the Brothers. He always said "We ought never forget our benefactors" .


Br Treacy was an excellent administrator and businessman. His memory lives on at Lewisham through the original school building which now houses the Lecture Theatre and Staff Room.


Treacy House colours are Red and Black.


Crest:               Treacy House is represented by the colour Red with the secondary colour of Black.

Motto:              Honour, Passion, Strength (Honor, Ardor, Verus)

Totem:             The Platypus – Comical.  Adaptable.  The platypus is very laid back and does his own thing.  Very protective of his own mob.

Treacy House Prayer


Dear Lord,


We ask you to send your blessings

upon the members of the Treacy House.


May we live the Treacy motto

in our actions and words every day.

Help us to act honourably;

be passionate in all we do,

and have the strength to know what is right

and make right choices in our lives.


We thank you for the opportunities you give us

at school and ask that you guide us

in placing the needs of others first.

Bless our school, our teachers,

parents and students.


We pray that our House will be a place of comfort,

friendship and respect for all.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. 



Wynne House | Br Michael Wynne (1870 -1960)


BrJohn Michael Wynne was  born in 1870 in Ireland. He  came to Australia in 1909, and  was  Principal  of our school from 1932-1937.


Br Wynne was a strong believer in students extending their intellectual and sporting  talents. He  encouraged the  expansion of secondary classes and it  was common during this time to see our school at the top of the state in the Leaving Certificate (Higher School Certificate) results.


Br Wynne believed in showing persistence  when the going was tough. He knew the value of sheer hard work:  Values needed, especially as society  was battling The Great Depression and war clouds were looming in Europe.


Unfortunately,  Br Wynne  spent  most  of his later life in Lewisham Hospital where he passed away at the age of 90.


The building which incorporates  the  school canteen and Primary Building is aptly dedicated to Br Wynne.  It is  in honour of his Irish heritage  that Wynne House is identified  by the colours Green and Orange.


Crest:               Wynne House is represented by the colour Green with the secondary colour of Orange.

Motto:              Striving to Conquer (Ut Vincas Contende)

Totem:             Willy Wagtail – Fiery.  Protective.  The Wagtail warns the clan of good and bad omens. 

                         The clan must pay attention to his warning signs. He will put himself in danger for his clan.


Wynne House Prayer


Holy Spirit,

Inspire me

to think with wisdom,

so I speak with justice

and act with love.


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