The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values —William S. Burroughs

Join Us at Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham

Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham provides an inclusive education that combines, spiritual growth with academic pursuits and co-curricular activities. We aim to develop young men of integrity and compassion who will become valued members of the community.

Whether you are interested in enrolling your son or in joining our teaching staff, we look forward to welcoming you into our community.



Most boys enter the school in Year 5 or 7, with our largest intake being in Year 5, however we welcome students to enrol in any year if places are available. Each year does only have a strict number of places available.

CBHS Lewisham considers a number of factors when offering placement and the Principal has the final decision on all enrolments.

When enrolling your son at CBHS Lewisham, we ask that you support our code of conduct and are committed to working with us to ensure your son will be fully involved in the school, maintain the high standards of discipline, academic achievement and community profile.

The most important factor in any enrolment is how the student will live our touchstones of:

  • Inclusive Community
  • Liberating Education
  • Gospel Spirituality
  • Justice and Solidarity


The Enrolment Process

If you are interested in enrolling your son at Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham, please complete an Expression of Interest form to begin the process. Every applicant is offered and interview and we will be in contact with you two years prior to his proposed commencement to request further information and arrange a suitable time for the interview to take place. If this interview is successful we will confirm your offer in writing and you will be required to respond within a set period of time to confirm his place.

Fees and Payments

Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham has 130 years’ tradition of excellence in boys’ education. With a convenient inner-city location, the school prioritises modern, state of the art facilities whilst retaining the value that parents are seeking.

Our ethos of inclusivity has driven us to maintain lower fees whilst focusing on building a culture of excellence within the school. Discounts are provided for siblings who are enrolled at the same time.

We understand that families have different budgets and cash-flow so offer a range of payment options.


Christian Brothers’ High School in Lewisham is convenient for families living in the inner west of Sydney. Well served by public transport and school buses, the school also has ‘kiss and drop’ areas where commuting parents find it easy to drop off their sons on the way to work.

Uniforms / Shop

CBHS students wear their uniforms with pride. Comfortable and classic, the uniform represents the values of the school and all who wear it.

From Primary uniforms to uniforms for older students as well as sports uniforms and house insignia, CBHS uniforms are all available from the Uniform Shop.


Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham is proud of the quality of its teachers and staff. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for our staff and students and building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, skills and perspectives.

As an Equal Opportunities employer, we welcome applications from all qualified individuals.

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai

Interested in enrolling your son at Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham?