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One Off Payments

Fees and Payments


At Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham we invoice annually at the start of each school year. We are happy for families to choose their own payment methods from the choices below:

  • Pay in full during Term 1
  • Divide the balance by 3 to allow you to pay per term in Terms 1, 2 & 3
  • Divide the balance by 10 to pay monthly (Feb—Nov)
  • Divide the balance by 20 to pay fortnightly (Feb—Nov)
  • Divide the balance by 40 to pay weekly (Feb—Nov)

We accept cash, cheque or card transactions. Although our preferred method of payment is electronic. To make this easy for families, you can either pay via your bank’s BPAY facility or click on the BPOINT logo to allow you to either setup a regular payment or a one off payment. You can also call BPOINT on 1300 276 468 to pay via your credit card.

All the required information will appear on your statement which will issue monthly.


2022 Schedule of Fees


Expression of Interest – There is no cost involved in putting forward an expression of interest via our website.

Application Fee – A non-refundable application fee of $80 is charged for each application for enrolment and covers the administration costs associated with your son’s application. This is paid when you submit your son’s enrolment application form.

Acceptance Fee – A non-refundable acceptance fee of $1,800 required to secure your sons place at CBHS Lewisham and comprises of two parts, this is paid once you receive an offer of enrolment.

  1. $800 covers your sons compulsory Year 5 or Year 7 orientation camp, educational testing and administration costs
  2. $1000 towards your son’s first-year tuition fees


Annual Tuition Fees

  Years 5 – 6 Years 7 – 10 Years 11 – 12
Tuition $5,662 $7,355 $7,425
Building Levy $720 $720 $720
Total $6,382 $8,075 $8,145

Tuition Fee is inclusive of:

  • ICT Levy ($750)
  • Administrative Fee ($850)
  • General Resources ($1,200)

Discounts on tuition fees are available, as below, for siblings who attend Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham simultaneously.


 SECOND CHILD Primary (5-6) Middle School (7-10) Senior School (11-12)
Tuition $4,955 $6,436 $6,497
Building Levy $0 $0 $0
Total $4,955 $6,436 $6,497


 THIRD CHILD Primary (5-6) Middle School (7-10) Senior School (11-12)
Tuition $4,247 $5,516 $5,569
Building Levy $0 $0 0
Total $4,247 $5,516 $5,569


 FOURTH + CHILDREN Primary (5-6) Middle School (7-10) Senior School (11-12)
Tuition $2,831 $3,678 $3,713
Building Levy $0 $0 $0
Total $2,831 $3,678 $3,713

Additional costs that will appear on your statement throughout your son’s time at CBHS Lewisham

  • Year 6 Canberra Excursion $420
  • Year 9 Rubicon $400
  • Year 11 Retreat $400

Additional costs such as textbooks, uniforms, incursions and excursions etc. are not included in your son’s annual tuition and will be advised on a case by case basis


Payment Options

We will invoice you for the full amount due each year, at the start of the year, to enable to work out what suits your budget best.

  • Weekly payments (Divide the full fees by 40 payments)
  • Fortnightly payments (Divide the full fees by 20 payments)
  • Monthly payments (Divide the full fees by 10 payments)
  • Per Term (Pay the invoice by the due date each term)

It is expected that payments are maintained between February and November with the balance being finalised in full by November.

Fees can be paid several ways which will be outlined on your son’s invoice, these include

  • BPoint
  • BPay
  • Direct Debit
  • Centrepay


Cases of Hardship

We do have in place a policy for the collection of outstanding fees, however, we encourage families who encounter difficulties in paying fees due to unexpected hardship to discuss the matter with the Principal.



  • School fees for the current term (including any previously unpaid fees) are payable by the due date indicated on the front of this invoice.
  • Each parent or guardian, as the case may be, is jointly and severally liable for the payment of fees.
  • A term’s notice must be given for cancellation of tuition, otherwise a full term’s fee will be charged.
  • Please notify all changes of name, address and telephone number in writing to the Bursar.
  • Preferred payment method is by BPAY or BPOINT, this account can also be paid by cheque, cash or EFTPOS. All over the phone transactions must be via BPOINT.



Telephone & Internet Banking: To use this facility you must contact your Bank, Credit Union or Building Society to make a payment from your cheque, savings or credit card account. The school’s Biller Code and your reference number are located next to the BPAY symbol on the front of this invoice.



There are three ways to use the facility:

  1. By calling 1300 276 468. The school’s Biller Code and your reference number are located next to the BPOINT symbol on the front of this invoice.
  2. On our website: Enter via the ‘Enrolments, Fees, Payments’ tab and then ‘Online Payments’.
  3. Direct debiting of your credit card on the 15th of each month by this office. Please contact the School Accounts & Payroll Manager for an application form.


Note: The CVN (Card Verification Number) is a 3 or 4 digit number printed on your card. If you are using a Visa or Mastercard it is the last 3 digits of the number that appear on the back of your card.



Except in the case of cash payments, a receipt will not be issued unless requested. If a receipt is required please return this invoice intact. The invoice will be receipted and returned.



Please note that the building levy is a compulsory payment, In accordance with the requirements of the Australian Tax Office this payment will not be deductible for Income Tax purposes.



Further optional donations to the Christian Brothers High School Building Fund are still desperately sought. Optional donations to the School Building Fund are allowable deductions for income tax purposes under subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.


The school also uses a phone app called Qkr (click here for information about QKR). This app is used for extra curriculum expenses not covered by our school fees. It is also used by the Parents and Friends to allow ease with payments for their functions.

You can download Qkr via the Apple App Store or the Android Play store on your mobile device. You can also find Qkr via our Skoolbag app. Click on the Qkr logo below for more information.

Download Qkr for Android

Download Qkr for iPhone