Justice and Peace

At Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham we share a vision for Justice and Peace that is built around the EREA Charter and 'Framework for Educating for Justice and Peace’. This is inspired by the work of Edmund Rice where as a community we seek to offer hope to a world where the dignity of humanity and the beauty of creation is often devalued.  The students and staff at Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham are offered opportunities to play an integral role within the wider community addressing social justice issues and assisting the disadvantaged.


The social justice and community service programs at Lewisham are designed to be holistic and age appropriate for all year groups. They are focused on:




Staff, students and parents are engaged in service and solidarity with others, especially those who are disadvantaged. These experiences enhance our understanding and awareness with those on the margins.


Transformational Curriculum


We aim to integrate justice and peace literacy into our learning programs so that they may be empowering, rigorous and an authentic reflection of the EREA Touchstones




As a learning community, we explore the harsh realities of the world around us. Rather than shy away from the complex issues, we explore the root causes of injustice. This builds for our students, an ever-growing awareness of the necessity for compassion and equips them with the tools to take ethical stances against the injustices present in their global community.


Immersions and Other Community Service Opportunities


CBHS Lewisham has a strong commitment to the Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders Program. Our connection Fe y Alegria School in Peru, ensures that our school community directly contributes to a rights based approach to charity. 


We believe that service for others an essential part of a CBHS Lewisham education. We hope that, upon leaving the school, our young men have developed a strong sense of compassion and become leaders of justice within their communities.

"Every child must be provided with opportunities to care for others – it is key learning. Projects both within and outside the school community should be explored to enable the student to learn love of others"


Educating the Heart

is the Heart of Education (2010)

Bob Hanley & Anthony Maher

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