Families are reminded that

The Boulevarde has two  limited time 'drop off' zones for those students being driven to school.

 These are the only two areas to be used in the mornings and afternoons

Christian Brothers´ High School, Lewisham is ideally located five minutes walk to the west of Lewisham Railway Station. School Special buses from Kingsgrove, Campsie, Earlwood, Burwood, Abbotsford and Leichhardt are designed to move students easily to and from these areas. If students do not get these special buses due to sporting commitments or extra tuition the normal route buses along New and Old Canterbury Roads are optional transport to and from home.  



School Specials:

To Five Dock and Abbotsford 
To Campsie 
To Kingsgrove 
To Earlwood 

To South Enfield

To Chiswick


Bus Routes and Numbers – 2019


606         Morning - Earlwood to CBHS

607         Morning - Kingsgrove Depot to CBHS

608         p.m. CBHS to Undercliff

609         a.m. Campsie to CBHS

               p.m. CBHS to Campsie Station and Canterbury Station

610          p.m. ONLY CBHS to Kingsgrove Station

611           a.m Belfield to CBHS

612          p.m CBHS to Belfield

613          a.m. Croydon Park to CBHS

               p.m. CBHS to South Enfield

614          a.m. Five Dock shops to CBHS

               p.m. CBHS to Five Dock shops

615          a.m. Concord shops to CBHS

               p.m. CBHS to Concord shops

616          a.m. Abbotsford to CBHS

               p.m. CBHS to Chiswick

617          a.m. ONLY Campsie to CBHS (Shared with St Maroun's)

618          a.m. Campsie to CBHS

619          p.m. CBHS to Campsie 

620         p.m. ONLY CBHS to Kingsgrove Depot.


Sydney Buses   |    https://transportnsw.info/routes/bus

City Rail               |    http://www.sydneytrains.info/



General Enquiries

Phone: 8585 1744  |  Fax:  8585 1787

68-84 The Boulevarde, Lewisham NSW 2049

Private Mail Bag No 2, Petersham NSW 2049


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