Focus on the boy to grow the man

School Tours

We welcome you to visit the school on one of our Discovery Tours. These are small group tours held after school hours. You will have the opportunity to tour the school grounds, see our facilities and meet with a member of our Leadership Team who is happy to answer any questions you might have. Our upcoming tours are at 5.00pm on Monday – Wednesday 7-9 February and Monday – Wednesday 14-16 February 2022.

2022 Enrolments – Limited Places

There are limited places still available for Year 5 2022 and Year 7 2022. Please complete the below Expression of Interest form to start your enrolment process.

2022 Commencement Dates

We look forward to welcoming all students back in Term 1 2022!

Monday, 31 January  – First Day for Years 5, 7, 11 and 12

Tuesday, 1 February – First Day for Years 6, 8, 9 and 10


Primary School for Boys

Secondary School for Boys

With a foundation of gospel values we develop confident, well-rounded young men for tomorrow’s world. We’re proud of our rich legacy of graduates who have served their country and communities.

Boys’ Education Specialists

Christian Brothers’ High School is the boys’ education specialist.

Outstanding academic results are just the beginning – with 130 years of producing exceptional young men, CBHS integrates modern teaching methods and resources to equip boys with confidence in their abilities; the skills to succeed and a strong moral compass to provide direction.

At CBHS our motto is Conanti Corona – A Crown to the One Who Strives. The ‘Crown’ can be achieved in many ways and in many experiences. Always supported by a caring and pastoral staff and an inclusive learning environment within academic, sporting and co-curricular offerings as well as in Immersions and Justice Programs.

James Threlkeld, former School Captain

Personalised Education

Large enough to provide a wide range of opportunities, but small enough that we know and support every boy.

With a focus on nurturing the emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual gifts of each boy, our pastoral care program is tailored to your son’s unique needs. A wide range of sporting activities, arts and music courses, social justice programs and community activities allow each student to find and nurture his talents, interests and skills.

Comments from the community

Last week I left to catch a bus at the nearby stop. Several of your boys were sitting at the stop and immediately stood to offer me a seat. The boys are a credit to themselves, their parents and your school. So lovely to see and experience.

- Bruce Dewhurst


Thanks CBHS for supporting all the students on their chosen career paths. At CBHS the boys are always encouraged to be the best they can be.

- Stephanie Pugliese


I felt like our future might be in good hands this morning, as I watched a high school student from Christian Brother High School Lewisham picking up rubbish, as they walked down the street.

- James Harper

Managing Director at Harper Stone

Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham is the right school for your son to thrive as he develops into a man.