Primary Years


At Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham, we focus on the development of the whole student: academically, socially, personally and in faith.


Academically, Years 5 and 6 lay the foundations for high school. We understand that what is being taught and how it is being taught are of equal importance. We design learning experiences that are creative, meaningful and exciting for all the boys, whilst ensuring that each lesson caters for different levels and aptitudes. Through this rich co-curricular and challenging upper-primary curriculum, increased opportunities lead to the development of confident learners.

Boys commencing Year 5 are generally open and flexible in their friendships, making this an opportune time to transition to a new school. During their first weeks, the boys are introduced to their Year 12 buddies, who will be a constant throughout the first year and will introduce them to life at CBHS. In addition, all of Year 5 goes on camp in early Term 1, which helps build and strengthen relationships between the boys.

Our primary students have their own playground and each primary class has their own classroom teacher – making the transition seamless from their previous primary school. The boys are included in whole-school activities such as school assemblies and masses, and develop a familiarity with the broader school campus, school expectations and senior teachers, all which facilitates a smooth transition into Year 7 and the senior school.

Primary Curriculum

We encourage and expect our boys to always give their best, no matter the task or activity. Our Primary curriculum challenges and evokes thought, and is focused on developing individual talents and abilities.

We offer the seven Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) which are mandated by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Human Society and Its Environment
  5. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  6. Creative Arts
  7. Languages – Italian and French


Extension Programs
The boys have the opportunity to be involved in various educational programs throughout the year which are extensions to the curriculum. These include University of New South Wales competitions, and Science Enrichment, Waterford Words, The Portrait Prize, School Musical, Media project and Debating.  Each year, our Primary boys receive countless awards in many academic competitions, such as ICAS English, ICAS Spelling, ICAS Mathematics, ICAS Writing, ICAS Digital Technology, ICAS Science, Maths Olympiad, and Mathletics.

Excursions & Incursions
To enhance their overall education, the boys are involved in a number of excursions and incursions throughout the year. A four day camp is organised for Year 5 to Milson Island during Term 1 as a chance for our newest students to get to know each other, whilst undertaking outdoor activities such as kayaking, boat building, archery and swimming. In Year 6, students travel to Canberra overnight to visit sites including Parliament House, The Australian War Memorial and Questacon to see in real life what they have been studying in the classroom.

Music and Performance
All students at CBHS Lewisham are encouraged to participate in the musical ensembles and opportunities of the school. Music has long been a strong part of school life, with Primary boys participating in public performances through choirs, School Bands and in individual performances, including the Primary Training Band, Primary Kilkenny Choir and Primary Ukulele / Guitar Ensemble. An extensive Instrument Tuition Program is available for students interested in learning an instrument for the very first time.

Sport is central to the development of the young men at our School. The skills and idea of winning are secondary to the development of teamwork, working hard, doing their best individually, making mistakes but bouncing back, and most importantly, having fun with their teammates. Our boys participate in a variety of sporting activities, both internally and against other schools, always doing their best and enjoying themselves.

Representing the School in Co-Curricular Activities and Sport
Our Primary students also have the opportunity to represent the School in chess, public speaking, music, choir, swimming, athletics and representative sport. All students are encouraged to participate and share their talents. The opportunities enable boys to enhance their creativity, leadership, wellbeing, resilience and team work skills.

The Resilience Project
The Counselling Team has worked together with the Primary School to implement ‘The Resilience Project’ as a way to respond to the mental health needs of our students. This is an evidence-based program that provides practical strategies to help your son/s develop their resilience and build their happiness. The main guiding principles of the program are gratitude, empathy and mindfulness with a strong focus throughout on emotional literacy, and Connection and Physical Health education.

Our Wider Community – Social Awareness and Action

There are many aspects that contribute to strengthening the religious dimension of the School in Years 5 and 6, which encourage boys to live out the challenge of the Gospels to serve those less fortunate. Our Social Justice Program is based around the teachings of Edmund Rice. Its focus is Right Relationships and Service to Others. All boys are advocates within our community and are encouraged to offer service to those in our community who require it.

We live in a community, country and world that faces justice and morality issues on a daily basis. To be active members in our society and to be advocates for those in need, our boys are encouraged to engage with their communities; to understand that many people are struggling in our society, many are homeless, many cannot afford food and many elderly people are without any family to support them in their declining health and age. Primary boys participate in numerous ways, including making sandwiches for the homeless of inner Sydney; a chocolate drive for the homeless of the Inner West; Christmas gifts for those in nursing homes; food drives for St Vincent de Paul; assisting at St Vincent de Paul Lewisham; nursing home visits; recycling; and the support of Indigenous Literacy through our Book Swap.

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.

Neil Gaiman, author