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Our History

Christian Brothers' High School Lewisham was established by the Christian Brothers in 1891.  From small beginnings it has grown into a large school and has built up a proud tradition in academic, cultural and sporting achievements.


The school was opened in 1889 at a time when Petersham and Lewisham were the terminus for the first day’s bullock teams making tracks from Sydney to Parramatta and Liverpool. The area had a population of around 10 000 people.


The local paper of the time reported the opening of CBHS on 12th December 1891 as “a comfortable, well-lighted building and gymnasium built at a cost of £1500 with accommodation for 100".


Today, the school operates as an independent Catholic school that is governed by Edmund Rice Education Australia and owned by the Trustees of the Christian Brothers Oceania, with a student population of 1300 from Years 5 to 12. The school draws students from across Sydney and is well serviced by public transport. School Special buses travel from as far as Kingsgrove in the south, Balmain and Abbotsford in the north and Campsie in the west. Lewisham Railway Station is a short walk from the school.


School Crest and Motto


The school motto is Conanti Corona, “A Crown to the One who Strives”. The school crest is an adaptation of the Christian Brothers’ crest, highlighting the Celtic Cross and the Irish heritage of the Christian Brothers. The crest reaffirms the school’s strong connection to both the founding order and the school’s locality. From its foundation and in touch with the vision of Edmund Rice, Christian Brothers' High School Lewisham has always been a place for the ordinary man to strive to greatness.  Conanti Corona captures the spirit of what it is possible for the ordinary man to be - our students hold it close to their heart.


School Song




 We march today one thousand strong

and follow still the trail,

so marching square let’s sing their song

the men who did not quail.

The gallant few of former days

who  toiled without renown

through marsh and scrub that trail to blaze

that ours might be their crown.


When far dispersed by task and time,

when stricken by life’s pain,

what’er the care, what’er the clime

a yearning through again

will stir the heart, will bring us home

in spirit ere we die;

For oft we’ll hear a voice say, “Come,

You sons of Lewisham High”.

School Captains


1952                            P. McConkey

1953                            K. Healy

1954                            B. Loury

1955                            P. Forrester

1956                            J. Cruikshank

1957                            P. Moore

1958                            J. Roberts

1959                            P. Moran

1960                            T. Clee

1961                            J. Purcell

1962                            P. Churchill

1963                            T. Carrol

1964                            D. O’Brien

1965                            H. Woods

1966                            P. Robinson

1967                            P. Robinson

1968                            J. Walsh

1969                            D. Hundt

1970                            J. Raue

1971                            J. Myers

1972                            J. Khoury

1973                            D. Robinson

1974                            S. Beaufils

1975                            P. Young

1976                            P. Dabboul

1977                            M. Raue

1978                            M. Sullivan

1979                            R. Young

1980                            P. Irwin

1981                            J. Dennis

1982                            L. Mir

1986                            J. Ferlazzo

1983                            M. Semrani

1984                            G. Colaco

1985                            T. Sullivan

1987                            M. Harb

1988                            J. Pettenon

1989                            K. Smolka

1990                            P. Rooney

1991                            C. Blair

1992                            L. Fletcher

1993                            J. Chalhoub

1994                            K. Rooney

1995                            C. Chalhoub

1996                            A. Nader

1997                            R. Green

1998                            M. Priante

1999                            J. Shori

2000                            L. Easey

2001                            A. Freitas

2002                            T. English

2003                            D. Mansour

2004                            J. Faddoul

2005                            L. Sheridan

2006                            S. Kairouz

2007                            N. Giannelis

2008                            A. Khoury

2009                            I. Ohlin

2010                            J. Kean

2011                            J.Khoury

2012                            P. Salvarinas

2013                            N. Kapeleris

2014                            F. Reaiche

2015                            A. Mustica

2016                            J. Chakty

2017                            P. Succar

2018                            D. Scacciotti

2019                            L. Colla

2020                            J. Threlkeld

School Principals


1889-90 Br L. Murphy (Newtown site)
1891-92 Br B. O’Hagan
1892-96 Br P. Nunan
1897-02 Br V. Caffrey
1903-04 Br B. Coyne
1905-06 Br J.T. Quinn
1907-09 Br F. Magee
1909-10 Br P. Walsh
1910-12 Br J.T. Quinn
1913-15 Br. T.B. Galvin
1916-19 Br T.P. Harty
1920-22 Br P.S. Mulkerns
1923-24 Br J.A. Kearney
1925       Br J.A. Fitzgerald
1926-31 Br M.E. Breen
1932-37 Br J.M. Wynne
1938-43 Br J.S. Turpin
1944-46 Br K.B. o’Farrell
1947-52 Br J.K. O’Neill
1953-58 Br R.B. Healy
1959-61 Br V.A. Doody
1962-66 Br W.V. Green
1967       Br M.B. Gallagher
1968-72 Br M.L. Hanlon
1973-82 Br M.Q. Brady
1983-88 Br F.R. Pelin
1989-00 Br P.A. Hester
2001-07 Mr B. Roberts
2008-      Br P. Conn

About CBHS Lewisham

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68-84 The Boulevarde, Lewisham NSW 2049

Private Mail Bag No 2, Petersham NSW 2049


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