At Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham we focus on the boy to grow the man by providing an inclusive education that combines spiritual growth with academic pursuits and co-curricular activities.

Most boys enter the school in Year 5 or 7, with our largest intake being in Year 5, however, we welcome students to enroll in any year if places are available.

We suggest you submit an Expression of Interest a minimum of three years prior to commencement. Once we have received this form we will contact you approximately two years prior to commencement to provide additional details and documents such as your son’s latest school report, NAPLAN results, immunisation records, Sacramental certificates and any letters of reference from your community. Once we have received this information an interview will be arranged for you and your son and from this, a place may be offered. 

CBHS Lewisham considers a number of factors when offering placement in line with our Enrolment Policy and the Principal has the final decision on all enrolments.

The most important factor in any enrolment is how the student will live our touchstones of

  • Inclusive Community
  • Liberating Education
  • Gospel Spirituality
  • Justice and Solidarity

Please look over our website for more information on joining CBHS Lewisham and click below to submit an expression of interest. Once this has been received our Enrolments team will be in contact to advise next steps.  

2023 Limited Space Available  – Please contact us here for more information 

2024 Interviews Underway  – Please contact us here for more information 

2025 Enrolments Open  – Please commence the enrolment process here 

2026 & Beyond  – Please put forward an Expression of Interest here

Respect for Myself

As a CBHS Lewisham student. I will strive to ensure that I have Respect for Myself by always:

  • Doing my best in all my classes
  • Doing my best in all sport and extra-curricular areas
  • Taking pride in my effort and achievements
  • Taking pride in what I do and what I say
Respect for Others

As a CBHS Lewisham student, I will strive to ensure that I have Respect for Others by always:

  • Being respectful to every staff member
  • Being respectful to every student
  • Being respectful to all other members of the school community and members of the public
  • Being inclusive and never discriminating against anyone because of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, financial status or varying abilities
Respect for my School
As a CBHS Lewisham student, I will strive to ensure that I have Respect for my School by always:

  • Being grateful for the excellent environment and resources I have access to and treating them with care and respect
  • Taking care when using school resources
  • Wearing the school uniform with pride, ensuring my personal appearance and grooming are of a high standard
  • Acting in an appropriate manner on my way to and from school
  • Ensuring my actions at all times contribute to the positive reputation of the school