Healy House

Healy House | Br Richard Baptist Healy (1914 -1995)

Br Healy entered the novitiate in 1929 and taught at Lewisham for twenty-five years, this final six as Superior Headmaster. He was regarded as a brilliant teacher and under the tutelage of Br Wynne taught across many subject areas including Honours Latin, English and French. During his time at Lewisham Br Healy was also awarded a PhD and due to his love of literature was transferred to Rome in 1978 to edit the Educational Record.

Most often referred to as ‘Bap’ or affectionately as ‘Caesar’, he was measured but always willing to share his strong opinions. The standards in his classroom were consistently high, driving his pupils, Victor Chang among them, to excel.

Despite this, the welfare of his students was of key concern and Br Healy was often noted for the strong ties he maintained with family and friends. He was remarkable by any standards despite being a determinedly ordinary man and his dedication to all things scholastic; particularly the history of the Australian Christian Brothers was widely acknowledged.

It was perhaps the unshakable values underlying Br Healy’s hard-working and cheerful life that were his crowning achievement. To his pupils, his well-founded and firm approach to learning was an influence that did not dim over the years and is something the Healy House will hold close.

Healy House is represented by the colour white with the secondary colour of black.


The Echidna – Smart. Protective of young. Confusing when rolled up in a ball; scary when challenged. He is elegant and belongs to the earth.

Honour, Pride, Brotherhood

(Veneratio, Superbia, Fraternitatis)

Healy House Motto

Healy House Prayer

United as a Healy House, we come together to thank You, Lord,
For those who have occupied this space before us
And the values they have bestowed upon us.

We acknowledge:
The traditional custodians of this land, whose spirits continue to guide us,
Our Blessed Edmund Rice for his vision,
And Brother Richard Healy for the path he has set us on.
We pray, O Lord that we honour and learn from the past.
United as a House, we pray for the wellbeing of all members of Our Healy Family.

We pray that in our Global community:
All hearts may be open to love and compassion,
All minds are open to teaching and learning,
And all mouths open to speak for those without a voice.
We pray, O Lord that we uphold our sense of brotherhood.

United as a Healy House, we promise to journey forward with:
Knowledge and awareness of the issues facing our world,
The determination to make a difference
And the strength to overcome any obstacles we may face.
We pray, O Lord that through our actions we may continue to maintain pride
in ourselves, trust in each other and faith in You.