5 Year Head start

Did you know that CBHS Lewisham has a primary school campus for boys in Years 5 and 6 alongside our high school campus? With dedicated teachers, classrooms and playgrounds – starting in Year 5 could be a great head start for your son.

There are many benefits for boys starting with us in Year 5, so why wait?

  • Our primary school classes are smaller and focus on the boys working to strengthen their literacy and numeracy skills
  • There are no composite classes, we have four straight Year 5 classes and four straight Year 6 classes each year
  • We have wonderful facilities, including a large library which our primary boys love
  • We are specialists in boys’ education, focusing on a curriculum that caters to how boys learn
  • We ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary school to reduce the anxiety faced when going into high school
  • We develop confident young men with a strong sense of justice, solidarity and faith
  • Our Pastoral program and Diverse Learning program ensure that every boy is known and cared for in a safe and supportive environment
  • Our sporting program, extra-curricular activities, and clubs cater to every boy’s interests and passion
  • We have after-school activities like Atalanta x Lewisham Football Academy, Code Club, Music Ensembles, Homework Club & Gecko Sports

Down the track when your son is in Years 11 and 12, our focus on the whole boy leads to outstanding HSC result with CBHS Lewisham ranked 82nd in the 2023 HSC.


    Enrolments are now open, please click below to find out more and start the process.