In recent years the media has highlighted the deficiencies in Australian football pathways, the growing expense and inequity of youth football, the impact on family and education and the lack of Australians playing in the big European leagues. The ALFA program aims to address these issues with student welfare at the centre of everything they do.

  • Training sessions will take place during or straight after school, giving students more time after training to concentrate on their homework and give families more quality time together.
  •  The school and academy will work together to ensure the students are on the right path for their football and academic goals.
  • Professional Atalanta B.C. coaches will provide the football education to help students achieve their full potential by the time they complete their HSC.
  • Providing pathways in Australia, Europe and the U.S.A


All students at CBHS Lewisham are eligible for the two programs currently on offer

  • Elite Squads will train 3 times a week under the Atalanta coaches and play together at the weekend
  • Development Squads offers training with the same Atalanta coaches once or twice a week enhancing student’s skills whilst they continue to play with their local teams at the weekend.
  • Students enrolled in either program will be eligible to play for the Atalanta scouts when they visit each year to pick two players to travel to Italy to trial. 


The ALFA program recognises that the quality of coaching a player receives between 10 and 17 is the most critical factor for their development. Combining this with the education, support and guidance that CBHS Lewisham has long established, this partnership offers a unique opportunity for the next generation of Australian footballers.


More information on the ALFA program can be found via the button below, please note only students who are enrolled at CBHS Lewisham or are commencing in the coming year are eligible to register their interest in this program. 

If you would like to enrol at CBHS Lewisham please visit our enrolments page.