Students at CBHS Lewisham have the opportunity to attend camps and retreats at various points throughout their schooling.

Our retreats are designed to positively impact on the lives our boys both in and out of the classroom through exciting activities and challenges that activate key learning in:

  • Prayer and reflection
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Resilience
  • Team building
  • Leadership

Our Current Camp Schedule

Year 5

A four-day camp organised for Year 5 to Milson Island during Term 1 as a chance for our newest students to get to know each other whilst undertaking outdoor activities such a kayaking, boat building, archery and swimming.

Year 6

Students travel to our nation’s capital, Canberra, overnight to visit sites such as Parliament House, The Australian War Memorial and Questacon to see in real life what they have been studying in the classroom.

Year 7

Boys travel an hour north to Broken Bay to enjoy some time off the map. With new boys starting and the official transition underway to high school it is a chance for the boys to bond over abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, orienteering and fishing.

Year 9

The “Rubicon” Experience is our middle school Spirituality and Formation Program. Each year, students in Year 9 take part in a specially designed program that encourages an exploration of their spiritual growth.

The Rubicon experience is designed for students to have a combined spiritual and beach focussed outdoor education experience so as to discover more about themselves, their relationships with others and their relationship with God.

The students head off to the schools retreat Workul Koo at Terrigal on a Monday in their home room groups and have a spirituality day for the first day. This will conclude with evening liturgy. The Tuesday and Wednesday will be beach-focussed outdoor education team building experiences. Thursday will be the closing activities and Concluding Rituals.

Year 11

During Week 1 of Term 4, all students of Year 11 participate in a three-day retreat at The Tops Conference Centre in Stanwell Tops, Wollongong. The aim of the retreat is for students to gain an increased awareness and understanding of themselves, their peers and their continuing relationship with God. The venue provides an ideal opportunity to allow time for quiet reflection as well as group sessions and recreational activities. The retreat is facilitated by staff from CBHS. There is an outdoor education component which will be facilitated by trained staff from the venue.

The retreat dates have been scheduled to provide the opportunity for students to rest and focus their energies before they embark fully on their HSC courses in Term 4. The Announcement of School Leaders will also take place around this time, so it is an ideal opportunity for the students to set goals for themselves and for the year ahead.