Head, Hands, Heart, Feet

The School offers Religious Education based on the Sydney Catholic Schools program which focuses on the meaningful relationships in the boys’ lives, based around the boys’ personal experiences.

Our Chapel seats 150 students and is always available for private prayer. Each week staff and students can join organised prayers and Mass is also available before school for students and staff on Special Liturgical Days.

Devotion to Mary is practised regularly at school during May and October. At other times, the staff arrange non-eucharistic liturgies and other visitations to the chapel to enhance the Religious Education programme. Full school Masses are held either in the Br McDonald Centre, in one of the local parish churches or at St Mary ́s Cathedral.

CBHS Lewisham is a Catholic school and whilst our faith is at the core of everything we do, we without question are an inclusive community who welcomes students regardless of background, culture or religion.