A Place of Learning, Communion and Faith

Based in the leafy inner west of Sydney, Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham has been educating boys from the same campus for over 130 years. The campus is built around a central open space which allows boys to gather and play away from public roads.

Classrooms are optimised for effective and engaging learning with cutting edge facilities, light, spacious and modern design and layout, and are all networked with up-to-date ICT solutions to enable innovative teaching.

School Facilities


The Waterford Learning Centre
A library and resource centre occupies the second floor of the Gallagher Building, projecting out in a semi-circular arc into the existing Gallagher Yard. The area above and below the Waterford Learning Centre provides space for student recreation. This open plan facility houses the library book collection as well as computer, audio-visual and learning support resources.

The Waterford Learning Centre is a vibrant, flexible resource-rich space. All our students, from Years 5 to 12, are welcome to use this space throughout the school day, both individually and as part of class or study groups.

The teacher librarians continue to foster professional relationships with teachers across all key learning areas in order to promote meaningful tasks that develop students as collaborators, creators, problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

We strive to develop the key 21st Century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration, providing opportunities for students to immerse themselves in a wide range of experiences outside the curriculum in order to gain these competencies.

The Dr Victor Chang Science Building
Six state-of-the-art science laboratories are located on two floors of an extension of the old Science Block running along Denison Road.
Specialist Classrooms
New classroom facilities with improved teaching and learning resources for the student population, including the provision of multimedia projectors and interactive whiteboards. Specialist classrooms include Visual Arts, Technology and Applied Sciences (including workshops and a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen), Music, Drama and PDHPE.
The Br Julian McDonald Centre
A multi-purpose hall stands at the southern end of the school property between the extensions to the Gallagher and the Science buildings, running at right angles to Denison Road and The Boulevarde. As well as allowing for indoor Physical Education classes and other sports, the auditorium has the capacity to hold full school assemblies, liturgies and presentations.
Green Spaces
An ongoing initiative at CBHS Lewisham is the development of green spaces. We are always looking for opportunities to rethink and reshape where we learn, how we learn how we can best meet the needs of our boys. Our green spaces provide versatile, physical locations for our students to learn outside the classroom or just to sit, eat, converse and listen.
School Chapel
The Chapel serves as a quiet and sacred space amidst the busyness of school life and is always available for private prayer. Lunchtime prayer is offered for students each Wednesday with particular emphasis on Lenten programs and devotion to Mary during the months of May and October.

The Chapel seats 150 people comfortably and is used for Year Group Masses, Reconciliation and Religious Education classes as needed.

Workul Koo
CBHS students also have access to our retreat centre, Workul Koo in Terrigal on Sydney’s Central Coast. Located on the beach, the centre is a place for students to reflect and connect with themselves, their peers and God and is where many Old Boys recall some of their fondest memories.