CBHS Lewisham values our local community and will continue to foster positive relationships. Due to COVID restrictions, we have been unable to have visitors onsite, however as these restrictions ease, we look forward to welcoming members of the public to join us in celebrating school events and milestones. We continue to appreciate the community in which the school has operated for 130 years.


School Term Dates

Term 3

Classes will conclude on Friday, 16 September for a three week break. This Friday will be Graduation Day for our Year 12 students. This extended holiday is due to construction work occurring during the holidays.

Term 4

Classes will commence on Monday, 10 October.

Classes for Term 4 have been extended to make up for some of the additional holiday time at the end of Term 3. Year 10 students will graduate on Thursday, 1 December. Students in Years 7-9 will conclude on Friday, 2 December whilst students in Years 5-6 and Year 11 will have their last day on Tuesday, 6 December.


Contact Us

We invite members of the community to contact us with any concerns or compliments about the school. Please click here to register your details.