Justice and Peace

CBHS aims to provide each boy with a sense of their place in the wider community. The Edmund Rice tradition inspires us to seek to offer hope to a world where the dignity of humanity and the beauty of creation is often devalued. The students and staff at Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham are offered opportunities to play an integral role within the wider community addressing justice issues and assisting the disadvantaged.

CBHS integrates justice and peace literacy into our learning programs so that they may be empowering, rigorous and an authentic reflection of the EREA Touchstones.

Pastoral Care

At CBHS Lewisham, we pride ourselves on knowing and caring for every boy within the school. From personal development camps to career facilities and resources, leadership programs for older boys, to Homeroom pastoral care and the services of our dedicated School Counsellors available to students, staff and parents, we create an inclusive environment where every student feels valued.

CBHS Lewisham understands that consistent and ongoing relationships provide security and promote trust, and that is why each boy retains the same homeroom teacher from Year 7 to Year 12. These teachers form a cornerstone of the Pastoral Care Program and are instrumental in recognising the developmental needs of each boy. A recent review of our Pastoral Care Program concluded that this approach is best practice and enables early detection and management of issues as they arise.

CBHS Counselling

CBHS Lewisham is privileged to have two full-time, school-based counsellors. These services are highly valued in our school community and play an integral role in providing support to individuals or groups of students in need.

The School Counsellors work very closely with the Year Coordinators and are dedicated to promoting and supporting student wellbeing and student achievement from Years 5-12.

These services are not limited to, but include:

  • managing areas of concern;
  • assisting students in improving relational skills;
  • encouraging students to live well balanced lives;
  • helping students engage with learning;
  • information about support from other agencies;
  • gathering information on the reasons for learning difficulties and liaising with the CBHS Diverse Learning Team; and
  • helping students by offering guidance and support, sharing ideas, and encouraging them to be more empowered.

The School Counsellor will:

  • listen carefully to the students;
  • help them clarify their options; and
  • encourage them to make their own decisions.

The Counsellors also deliver talks to year groups to promote wellbeing. Some of these may include internet related issues, studying for the HSC and managing stress. Our current School Counsellors both have teaching and education backgrounds and are therefore well equipped to understand the needs of school students on an internal and external level.

Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities exist for students via formal programs such as our Primary, Secondary and House Captains and informal avenues such as sport, academic clubs and peer to peer programs.

Our student leadership programs are designed to promote communication, both listening and talking, with a diverse audience, goal setting, hard work and a willingness to serve others. These programs are an opportunity for our students to develop confidence to prepare to become community and professional leaders we know they are once they leave the school.

Partnership & Immersion – Peru

In 2015 CBHS Lewisham formed a partnership with Fey Alegria, a school supported by the Christian Brothers in Lima, Peru. This initiative was fostered as part of Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders, (EREBB). EREBB is an International network of Catholic schools educating young people from many different faiths and cultures. In over 20 countries, EREBB endeavours to promote global solidarity and offer a transformational education for justice and liberation.

This partnership means that both students and teachers are able to take part in a range of cross-cultural experiences throughout their time at CBHS Lewisham.

House System

When each student enrols, they will be placed into their house and will remain a member of this house for the whole time they are at the school.

Each of the eight houses constitutes the primary group for sporting and cultural activities as well as providing a student focus for pastoral care and student welfare programs. Each house was named after a significant person in the history of the school and has its own colours, crest, motto, totem and prayer.

Explore the CBHS houses below –

Co-Curricular Activities

Central to our focus on growing each boy as an individual, CBHS Lewisham offers a range of co-curricular activities to enhance and nurture each student’s talents, interests and passions.

CBHS Lewisham has a proud sporting tradition with a number of current premiership teams across a range of sports. All boys are encouraged to be active via representative or internal sport each Thursday.

CO-curricular programs currently on offer include the Duke of Edinburgh Program, Music groups and performance, Public Speaking and Debating and our History, Art, Games and Chess clubs.





Duke of Edinburgh

Speaking & Debate


CBHS encourages our students to see themselves as part of a vibrant, diverse and caring community. We regularly invite our school community of parents, grandparents, neighbours and supporters to events in the school.

Parents and Friends

Facilitating events to engage the school community

Old Boys Alumni

The school's alumni association, the 'Old Boys' Association